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Bacon, Egg and Alfalfa Sandwich

Recent articles about the health danger on eating bacon have been bombarding my Facebook page. I am sure you’ve been seeing that in your news feed as well, It’s quite annoying because I really love bacon.  And I am sure a lot of you love bacon too.  

The articles caused panic attack among netizens. The articles are just rehash of old news because there is really nothing new to it. We know that anything dead, preserved or synthetic are not good. That’s why we have to eat them in moderation. These kind of food is what some people would say as garbage–it is toxic to the body.  

How about mobile phones and cigarettes? Though mobile phones are not ingested and cigarettes are not eaten, they cause harm to the body. They can cause cancer too! Now, we should have panic attack. We should run to the mountains and live like the natives.  

Well, despite of the odds about bacon, I still have them in my fridge. It is my savior during times that I couldn’t go to the grocery or during busy hours that I couldn’t fix some decent meal.   Here is a picture of my sandwich with bacon, fried egg, and alfalfa sprouts.

Looks good? Well, it taste yummy too.  

Alfalfa sprouts in sandwich seems uncommon. But not for pannizza or pizza rolls but I haven’t seen it on sandwich. Maybe, not much around in the Philippine household.  

I love how the alfalfa sprouts add a nutty flavor to my sandwich.   

I spread tomato ricotta pesto on my bread; put the cooked bacon, fried egg, and the alfalfa sprouts. And viola, I got myself a delicious sandwich! Try this, it is really good! And yeah, call me a bad influence for telling you to eat bacon.