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Cisan’s, Nepo Quad in Angeles City

Complex, harmonious and delicious–these are some of the adjectives we could use to define Thai cuisine. Every dishes are playful concoction of various flavors yet they are presented in harmony to achieve that savory taste that you would love and keep coming back for more.

While we were in Angeles City, me and my friends visited Cisan’s at Nepo Quad, one of the perfect places to go to for a sumptuous Thai meal. Like our previous dining experience with Cisan’s, it never failed to fulfill our Thai food hunger.

We ordered tom yam for starter. Cisan’s version is a creamy, sour and spicy soup with shrimp. It’s a great soup to heat you up in a cold evening. For people with sinusitis like me, they said this could help clear up congested sinuses but I thought it was the other way around. Though it taste delicious, the strong flavor seems to flare up my nostrils and trigger some allergies. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine

For our main course, we have this flavorful and filling grilled pork with bagoong (shrimp paste) rice. That acid taste of the green mango and the sweet taste of the grilled pork makes a delicious contrast to the rice with bagoong. The various flavors which seems to be weird and contradicting actually complement each other. Cisan’s created this dish very well. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine

Cisan’s chicken curry is a creamy and savory dish. As a self-confessed ginataan (food cooked with cooconut milk) lover, this is one of my favorite dish. It is quite difficult to control my rice intake with this served on the table. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine

Their chicken satay is tender and flavorful, served with a delicious peanut sauce. This skewered serving of sliced proteins seems to be a healthy alternative for a calorie conscious diner. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine

Cisan’s green mango salad is mixed with tomatoes and nam pla (Thai fish sauce) and adorned with green beans. The acidity of the green mango is neutralized by the saltiness of the fish sauce. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine

Between the green mango salad and the pomelo salad, I like the latter more. The pomelo is juicy and sweet. It is served with shrimp and flavored with nam pla. The peanuts give that added crunch to this dish. You can add more nuts if you like. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine


Cisan’s is located in front of Starbucks, Nepo and near Angeles Electric.

The place is quite nice, cozy and inviting. Another plus points for their free wifi. Cisan's, Angeles City / Thai cuisine
Angeles Electric with its beautiful Chrismas lights

Nepo Quad, Angeles City, Pampanga