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Craving for Authentic Chinese Food? Try These

Craving for an authentic Chinese meal? If you think Chowking couldn’t satisfy you, then better head on to somewhere else.

My suggestion though is to dine with a group. While it is nice to eat out alone sometimes and enjoy some me-time, budget-wise it won’t do you any good. By going out with your friends or family, you can divide the expense so it won’t be too heavy on your wallet.

You might also want to check out some hole-in-the-wall venues. Sometimes you’ll discover delicious dishes outside the places you are familiar with. And with that said, that means going to Binondo to satisfy your Chinese food cravings.

Go to Chinatown

If you are in Metro Manila, where else would you want to go for authentic Chinese food but in Binondo or Chinatown. Explore the Old Manila by foot first and get yourselves famish.

Just a little trivia, Binondo was established to become the first Chinese settlement in the Philippines during the Spanish era. It became the center of the Commerce and Trade of Manila and the world’s oldest Chinatown.

During the Christmas festivities, my brother, his wifey and I went to Binondo.

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New Po Heng Lumpia House

New Location: 621 Carvajal St. Binondo

New Po Heng Facebook Page

New Po Heng serves a tasty, slightly sweet and sizeable fresh lumpia (spring roll; Hokkien: lunpia 潤餅). For Php85 you get a big serving of delicious veggies with crushed peanuts, bihon and sugar, rolled and wrap in a lumpia wrapper.

New Po Heng lumpia
New Po Heng fresh lumpia
New Po Heng lumpia
New Po Heng fresh lumpia

Though many people love their sweet lumpia, it is not everybody’s thing. But a little drop of some condiments may adjust the flavor.

This family-owned eatery was once located in the courtyard of Uysubin Building but because of a building demolition, they moved to a different location, which is just a stone throw away from where it once was. It’s new location is at:

621 Carvajal St. Binondo

If you’ve been to its former location, you just have to cross the street where you will see the Sterling Bank of Asia. There is a small alley there that reminds me of some old Chinese action films where actors and villains fight and jump from one building to another.

Carvajal St. is said to be one of Binondo’s foodie destination for some inexpensive Chinese snacks. But that I have to explore one of these days.

Lan Zhou La Mien

818 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila

Lan Zhou La Mien Facebook unofficial page

To warm your tummy, you can have a hearty bowl of some hand-pulled noodles at Lan Zhou La Mien, which is reputed to serve the best noodles in Binondo.

The secret ingredients: the la mien (hand-pulled noodles), of course. La mien or la mian is a type of Chinese noodles made by repeatedly stretching the dough.

I tried their beef lamian. It is indeed good. The beef is perfectly cooked and the broth is so delicious.

half-eaten beef la mien

The resto is often flocked by la mien lovers that you may have to wait before you can get a table. If you want to dodge the crowd, the best time to go there would be during mornings and evening before closing time.

busy cooks at Lan Zhou La Mien

Wai Ying Fastfood

810 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila

Wai Ying Fastfood Facebook unofficial page

Enjoy an authentic Chinese dim sum (Chinese: 點心) at Wai Ying Fastfood.

It’s appearance may turn you off (if you checked some reviews, “turn off” could be an understatement) especially if you are very particular about sanitation. But, man, I can attest that they serve delicious food here. They are known for their dim sum but their curry beef brisket is outstanding that needs a special mention.

Wai Ying Steam Spareribs
Steamed Spareribs
Wai Ying Seafood Roll
Seafood roll
Wai Ying Curry Beef Brisket
Curry Beef Brisket

You may also read my previous blog post on Quick Chinatown Food Trip at Binondo, Manila

Eng Bee Tin

Website | Facebook

Never go home from Chinatown without dropping by Eng Bee Tin.

If you are a hopia lover, you should be familiar of Eng Bee Tin.

It is a Chinese Deli that is selling the best hopia I’ve tasted so far. Though they are selling numerous Chinese delicacies, they are known for their hopia.

Hopia (Chinese: 好餅) means good pastry. It was first introduced to the Philippines by Fujianese immigrants from China. It is a moon cake-like treat that comes in various filling.

Eng Bee Tin hopia
Eng Bee Tin Hopia – priced from Php48 up

The traditional Filipino hopia fillings are mung beans (mongo), pork (baboy), purple yam (ube) and winter melon (kundol). However, Eng Bee Tin offers more variants. My ultimate choice though is their Custard Classic flavor (Php56) because of its creamy texture and its sweetness. I also love their Hopia Kundol (Php48).

Compared to the typical hopia, Eng Bee Tin’s hopia is priced at a premium. But every pack you open is a sweet treat that promise to satiate your sweet tooth.

If you are too far away from Binondo or there is no Eng Bee Tin branch in your area, you may want to order through their online shop.

Hap Chan

Hap Chan Facebook Page

A trip to Binondo can be too cumbersome, maybe going to Hap Chan wouldn’t be. You get to experience the same authentic Chinese flavors and dining experience without the hassle of traveling to the Old Manila.

Their food are not priced cheaply but they are reasonable. Their servings are enough to feed 2-3 hungry mouths.

Among their dishes, what I loved the most is their very appetizing beef brisket. It is so tender and flavorful.

beef brisket

Hap Chan is one of the popular Chinese restaurant chain that started in the late 90’s as a tea house in Manila.

Hap Chan Yang Chow
Yang Chow
Hap Chan Chop Suey
Chop Suey

Enjoying an authentic Chinese meal doesn’t mean you’d break the bank. Just call your friends or family, explore off-the-wall places and agree to split the bill.