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Keto Filipino Bakeshop: Healthier Cake Options

People who are particular with their sugar consumption, whether its a personal choice or its because of underlying health issues, can still enjoy some sweet treats without comprising their daily calorie consumption. Thanks to bakeries like Keto Filipino Bakeshop that surprisingly bakes delicious cakes, pastries, and some delicious keto snacks and treats.

Chocolate Obsession Keto Cake

I was amazed by how gratifying their Chocolate Obsession Cake is. There is not a hint that it is a keto cake.

Since it is not using sugar, you wouldn’t have that guilty pleasure feeling for enjoying something decadent. The cake gives you the same pleasure, I guarantee, but without you regretting afterwards.

A little caveat though, despite being a keto cake you still need to practice self-control because you might end up eating the entire cake in one sitting. It is not far-fetch because it is truly delicious.

Keto Chocolate Cake by Keto Filipino Bakeshop

It costs P700 per can, which is quite expensive if you compare its size to what we regularly buy from the stores.

Looking at its ingredients, you’ll see that it is using Almond Flour and Stevia. In the market, Almond flour costs around P500-P600 per 500 grams while Stevia is priced somewhere at P1,000 per kilo. The use of these ingredients explains its price.

One cake can make 6 slices. Each slice would be 268 calories with 4.7 carbs and 1g of sugar. A commercially prepared chocolate cake with frosting according to , though it almost has the same amount of calories, it has 25.6g of sugar and 25g of carbs.

Surprising right? All along, we are eating 25.6g of sugar when we are eating a slice of cake!

Keto Yema Cake

The keto Yema Cake is a can of pure awesomeness. You’ll enjoy that sweet and creamy taste less the guilt. It is sold P650 per can.

This keto cake is using almond flour, eggs, butter, cream, cheese, creamcheese, vanilla, stevia and erythtritol. Its macros per serving size are 220 calories, 21g fat, 3g carb, 1g fiber, and 1g sugar.

You’d be stunned how much sugar there is in a yema cake with the regular store-bought ingredients. Based on, one serving size has 67g of sugar!

Facts About Keto

Keto diet is not just a fad. It’s an epilepsy treatment for kids, which has been found to be helpful in transforming health conditions not only for epileptic kids but also for people with various diseases. It is also said that by achieving ketosis, your body increases metabolism and delays the aging process.

Lot of good stuff really. No wonder more people are getting interested to go on a keto diet.

Personally, I’m going in and out of keto. Some weeks, I would completely forego rice. But there are days, especially when I am out with friends, that I eat rice.

If you want to get started with this diet, I’ve search and collected some easy keto recipes.

How and Where to Buy the Keto Cake

You can visit Keto Filipino Bakeshop Facebook page to check more info about their keto cakes, pastries, and other keto snacks.

They are very responsive so you can ask your query or place or order.

They deliver every Wednesdays and Saturdays for all areas covered by Lalamove. But if you want your keto cake prior those days, you have to pick up from their stores. They have limited stocks available per day, so make sure have your order paid during the morning.

They also welcome walk-in customers at their pick-up store located at Greenhills Towncenter, Granada St, Valencia, Quezon City.

Mode of payments include BPI, BDO, Gcash, and Paymaya.

Keto Filipino Bakeshop

Phone: 964-7105 or 09171601048