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COVID-19 Food Diary: My Health Journey in this Time of Crisis and Online Grocery Shopping

January 27, 2020 – I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I felt sad and emotional at first. But, at the same time, knowing that I have this disease, was enlightening.

It was enlightening because it provides an explanation for what I’ve feeling for a long time. I typically have headaches. Sometimes, it is bearable but there are times that they become paralyzing pain. Sometimes, it would last for days and even up to a week.

I was placed under medication for my blood sugar. I’m taking metformin every day aside from the statin drug to control my blood pressure.

I’ve been under statin medication since last year because my blood pressure shoots up.

Just a quick overview of my struggle in 2019, if I have to describe it in few words, I’d say it was a crazy and painful year – and I was glad it was over. It was last year that I suffered the most and really felt the decline of my health. Aside from recurring headaches, I felt so sluggish, tired and depressed. The worst part is, I was technically alone in the entire experience because of my decision of living solo in the metro.

When you tell people about what you feel, you’d sometimes hear and get that judging look and advise. It’s as if questioning you why you are feeling what you feel, and making you think that what you’re feeling is wrong.

I don’t feel an ounce of remorse for everything though. I accept all of these as part of the human experience and life. And like everything else we experience – whether good or bad – it shall pass.

So, fast forward…

I was supposed to have my routine blood check last March 17. However, due to the ECQ, I decided to postpone it. Besides I don’t have any choice really, hospitals are not taking outpatients just yet. I have to wait til this entire quarantine is over.

For now, I’ll just stay home and try to be good in taking care of my health.

Buying food is really challenging during this ECQ (now an extended ECQ). And being a diabetic and hypertensive, it won’t be a good idea for me to go out and buy groceries.

My food choices are mostly meat and fish for protein and vegetables. I’ve been on and off keto but what I’ve been consistent is my no-rice diet and 16-hours fasting. Have to do it!

I survived buying food items and household supplies from online shopping apps and sellers I found on Facebook Marketplace. Thanks for these application. At least, going out really is just an option.


MetroMart became my go-to app when I need to buy some grocery items. But because of the high demand, it is extremely difficult to find an available slot. Sometimes, the next delivery schedule would be over 3 days, which is so disappointing.

Every time I check MetroMart, I would go to Robinson Supermarket Metro East and sometimes S&R Libis, because they are near my vicinity.

This online delivery service partners with some of our favorite supermarket and stores so people won’t have to through the hassle and the traffic just to buy our necessities. They partner with Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Selections, S&R Supermarket, Rustans Supermarket, Shopwise, Pet Express, Watsons, Generika Drug Store, Toy Kingdom, Baby Company FamilyMart, National Book Store, R.L. Lapids, GNC, Cubao Farmers Market, and 40+ of the leading retailers in the Philippines.

MetroMart became my next fave after Honest Bee.

HonestBee stopped its operation because of lack of funding. Sayang! They could be have been also very helpful during this time of crisis.

One of my recent finds through MetroMart are Bragg’s All Natural Drinks. It comes with different flavors. I’ve tried Concord Grape – Acai, Apple Cinammon, and Pomegranate Goji Berry. All of them are good but my fave is Apple Cinammon.


Lazada has been one of our favorite online shopping app but not for grocery items. However, due to COVID-19, they made it easy for people to buy groceries and other basic necessities.

The LazMart, which is Lazada’s online supermarket, showcase and sells supermarket essentials.

Want to buy some fresh vegetables? You can actually do that too.


Shopee came up with Shopee Mart, where you can buy grocery items.

Now, you can conveniently buy your groceries from Shopee. You really don’t have to go out anymore.

Facebook Marketplace

If you don’t see what you need using those online shopping apps, maybe Facebook can help.

Check out Facebook Marketplace and see what are being sold within your area.

Recently, I bought some vegetables from local vendors. I had a terrible experience with one of them. Most of the items I ordered where not delivered, I didn’t receive any receipt and its overpriced.

My buying experience with Gulay Online, however, was great. The vegetables were fresh and meats were good.

Do you suggest other online grocery shopping apps? Please let me know