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Marks & Spencer’s Online Shopping and Food Delivery

It’s starting to feel like Christmas. Though 2020 has been tough for all of us because of the COVID-19, our personal struggles because of the pandemic, and the recent typhoons’ surprising attacks to several parts of our country; Christmas is still going to happen.

If you think of food gifts and sweet treats for the holiday season, you may want to shop online from Marks & Spencer. You can purchase your favorite food products through MetroMart and FoodPanda apps. If not, you can just visit their website.

Currently, Marks & Spencer food products are only available for delivery within Metro Manila.

I ordered some treats recently, which I happily devoured without really thinking of the aftermath. If you are a follower of this blog, you should have known that I am diabetic. And yet, I succumbed to the sweet temptation and the call for stress-eating. But I have to say, those dosage of sugar gave me moments of pleasure.

It’s Nearly Christmas…

Our Christmas celebration could be a lot different this year. But as a nation with citizens who are mostly Christians, we’ll never end the year without a celebration of the birth of our savior. This year could be a simple and quiet celebration to many of us.

The beautiful flickering lights at the malls remind us that this is supposed to be the nicest part of our year, where we see lots of colors, lights and ornaments. I guess, it still is the nicest part of the year – but a lot different from our previous ones.

Homes look so lovely with the Christmas trees, lights and parol. Yes, it is beginning to feel like Christmas. But I totally respect, and understand why others don’t bother decorating their homes.

If you feel like making someone smile this Christmas with some sweet treats from Marks & Spencer, it is now effortless to buy and get them delivered right to their doorstep.

What to Order from Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer offers a variety of food items. They have cookies & biscuits, candies & chocolates, groceries, non-alocoholic drinks and juices, chips, and wines.

You can find food products that are suitable for vegetarian. They also have few sugar-free candies and intense dark chocolate that could pass as a low-carb treat.

What I was hoping to find from Marks & Spencer online shop are the freshly baked pastries. I missed the granola squares, which is my ultimate fave.

Double Chocolate Mini Bites
Price: P430

This extremely chocolatey mini bites makes a perfect pair to non-sugary drink like tea or strong black coffee.

Every bite is a rich decadent taste of chocolate sponge mini rolls with chocolate buttercream covered in milk chocolate.

The sweetness of the double chocolate mini bites can be so overwhelming to some. One mini bite is enough.

Chocolate Dutch Shortcake

For just P250, you get 2 packs of this chocolate dutch shortcake.

This chocolate flavored shortcake biscuit melts in your mouth. It also makes a perfect combo to tea or black coffee.

Rich Tea Finger Biscuits

According to history rich tea biscuits were originally developed in 17th Century England for the upper classes as light snack between full-course meals. Its plain flavor makes it perfect for dunking in tea and coffee (source: Wikipedia)

Marks & Spencer’s rich tea finger biscuits are long rectangular version. It is plain in flavor, which doesn’t makes you feel guilty when eating.

Lemon, Ginger & Ginseng Infusion

Marks & Spencer has great selection of tea.

The lemon, ginger & ginseng infusion makes a perfectly zesty cup.

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