About Hungry Pinay

My name is Caryl Joan Estrosas, and I am the Hungry Pinay.

I started this blog several years ago to document my food adventures and stories.

I love good food. Who doesn’t? What sets us apart from each other, as far as food is concern, is the type of relationship we have with it. Primarily it is a nourishment to the body. But more than as an object to fill our physical needs, food can be a never-ending delightful adventure.

Food tell stories. The food we eat define us in so many ways. It tells us what kind of society we live in.

I always have an immense appetite ever since childhood but my gastronomic interest really started when I stayed in Pampanga. As the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga introduced me to the wonderful world of gastronomy. With my epicurean friends, we explored Angeles City for delicious food.

Today, I am staying in Metro Manila, where life is fast and food seems to go with it.

Recently, I found out that I am diabetic, which immensely changed how I view food. Maybe that is the wisdom you gain when you get sick and when you are growing old. I am starting to see food as medicine – not that bitter medicine that is hard to swallow. I still enjoy eating, still voracious, but now, I kinda know the when and what.

Join me in my journey!

For your inquiries for possible partnership, you may email me at caryl(.)estrosas(@)gmail(.)com